Software Stuff!

I do quite a lot of programming, but it tends to be either behind-the-scenes stuff on websites, or programming microcontrollers, or just quick and dirty scripts for doing various things.

I haven't actually written something which could be considered a finished stand-alone program for quite some time, so this page is horribly horribly out of date. But, I thought I'd leave it here for your amusement.

Some or all of these programs might not run on modern operating systems, or might give erratic results.

Windows stuff


A program to extract individual JPG images from the MPO file created by the Fuji FinePix Real 3D camera.

File Type Analyser

Have you ever had a file which has lost its extension or got the wrong extension, and you don't know what kind of file it is, or what program to open it with? This program will add the correct extensions to files based on an analysis of the file contents. It detects over 200 different popular file-types.

Benford's Law

Benford's Law is an equation used in statistics to detect fraud, among other things. This program does a simple Benford's Law Analysis.

TrueType Font Renamer

It annoyed me that the fonts on my computer had cryptic filenames, rather than the name of the font, so I wrote this program to rename TTF files to something a bit more user-friendly. Get it here (8K).

MS-DOS Stuff!

These programs are a bit pointless now. They were written in Turbo Pascal in the mid-nineties, to run on MS-DOS. I'm only really including them for the comedy value.


A replacement for the DOS command DIR. This version colours files depending on the extension. Get it here.


This stops people 'undeleting' files, by overwriting them with garbage and renaming them before being deleted. Get it here.


This allows you to import 2-colour Windows bitmap images into ZX Spectrum snapshot files. Get it here.