Javascript Stuff!

Various bits of Javascript which I've created.


Bookmarklets are snippets of code in an internet bookmark which can affect the webpage you are viewing. This can add functionality to a page, or make some tasks easier.

Greasemonkey Scripts

Greasemonkey is a Firefox add-on to allow you to add scripts which change the functionality of websites. Go to my separate Greasemonkey scripts page.


As part of the FUBAR Labs March Madness challenge (Dead link!), I wrote this Minesweeper game in less than a day. There's no timer or flags, but otherwise it's just like Minesweeper.

Connect 4

The popular game of Connect 4. You have to try and get a line of 4 yellow counters before the computer gets a line of red counters.

Noughts And Crosses

The kids' pencil and paper game Noughts And Crosses, also known as tic-tac-toe. You must know how to play this - you have to get a row of 'O's.

Button Madness

The frustrating Button Madness. Clicking a square swaps the colour of that square and the ones to either side and above and below. You have to try and turn all the squares green. There is a key to winning!