This is where I shove all the stuff which doesn't really fit anywhere else

3D Graphics

This is an image I created back in 1995 using Polyray, with hand-coded source files, and rendered in MSDOS. I thought I'd lost my old 3D stuff, but this was preserved by the Wayback Machine!

Magic Eye Pictures

I first saw Magic Eye pictures in 1993 and thought they were amazing, so I worked out how they worked, and tested my theory by writing a program to generate them on the ZX Spectrum (I didn't have a PC at the time). This is a scan of a dot-matrix printout of the output.


Being a left-handed mouse user, it annoyed me slightly that Windows didn't come with a set of lefty cursors, after all ten percent of the population are left-handed. I found a set of lefty cursors on the internet but they had a weird 3D effect to them, and I just wanted lefty versions of the standard cursors. So I made my own. You can download them here.

Song Covers

I was mildly surprised to discover that 'Respect' by Aretha Franklin was a cover. I wondered what other songs were covers, so I compiled this list of covers which are generally assumed to be originals.


Here's a stupid drawing of some sheep I did once, probably in a lecture at university.