HTML & PHP Stuff!

I first started learning HTML in 1994, and created my first hosted homepage in 1995, which allowed me to also dabble with Perl.

I've created a few sites for other people over the years - the first was for a local tobacconist in 1997. Sadly most of these have since disappeared.

Here are some of the websites I have designed and programmed. All sites are written using a plain-text editor.

British Film Locations website

British Film Locations

The site British Film Locations is a database of movie filming locations in the British Isles, and is written almost entirely in PHP and MySQL, with some Javascript and AJAX, and an integrated blog created with Wordpress

Legacy Sites

These are sites I created which are no longer online.

Clicking on the screenshots (right) links to an old copy of the site archived by the Wayback Machine.

Muker Band website

Muker Silver Band

I designed a site for the village band my dad plays with. The original site went online in 2001, and then had a redesign at some point.

Muker Band website

This was the site after the redesign. The site has since been taken over by a band member who has become a professional web developer.

Viva Volunteers website

Viva Volunteers

Viva Volunteers was a company who provided training for people running volunteer schemes.