Hardware Projects!

Here are just some of the various hardware projects I've tinkered with.

Knock Clock

A clock which communicates the time through the medium of knocking! This project was inspired by a design created at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design Summer School, and has recently appeared on the BBC TV show "QI".

Twitter Drummer

I created this device for an event. It plays the drums when people tweet certain words, inspired by Adrian McEwen's Bubblino. This was an opportunity to explore the idea of the Internet Of Things.

Water Chimes

This was an interactive piece which I exhibited at FutureEverything in 2011. It emulates a set of wind-chimes, but is activated by water rather than wind.

Arcade Emulation Cabinet

I used to love the old video arcades of my youth, when the games weren't limited to just the driving/gun/dance games you get these days, so I decided to build myself an arcade emulation cabinet.

Digital 3D Camera

I've documented elsewhere on this site my interest in 3D photography. I own 3D film cameras, but when digital photography took off I was frustrated that cheap digital 3D cameras weren't available, so I built my own.

Multitool Key-Holder

A holder for my keys to stop them damaging my trouser pockets.

Quick and Easy Camera Support

A quick way of preventing camera shake while shooting video, but still allowing the ability to manually focus.

Disposable Skate Toe-Stops

I play roller derby using expensive skates and expensive toe-stops which are designed for use in sports halls. Sometimes I like to skate outdoors, but the asphalt quickly wears down my toe-stops, so I decided to make some toe-stops which have a cheap component which you can throw away.

Disco Skate Lights

When you're at the roller disco, a great way to get attention is to have skates which light up. I created a basic set of skate lights for a photo-shoot, and then my imagination just ran free with the idea.

Drum Key Blade

COMING SOON!! I'm a drummer, and most drum hardware is held together with bolts which have square heads which you need a drum key to adjust. If you forget or lose your drum key it can be quite annoying, so I created an emergency drum key to fit on a pen-knife by swapping out one of the unused blades.

Crutch Drink Holder

COMING SOON!! I made this for a friend who broke his leg and struggled to get a cup pf tea from the kitchen to the living-room whilst on crutches. It's a drinks holder which attaches to a crutch!

Bullet-time Rig

COMING SOON!! This project was created for a film-making collective I'm involved with. It can fire up to 13 DSLR cameras in any sequence with any timing (accurate to 1ms)...

Bike Alarm

COMING SOON!! Historical interest! This is the project which won me my "Young Inventor Of The Year" award back when I was fifteen!