Project - Disco Skate

This project started off because I created some roller skate lights for a photoshoot by photographer Shirlaine Forrest, and skaters from Manchester Roller Derby.

The lights consisted of three ultra-bright LEDs with resistors on a PCB, with a small 12v battery, which were both cable-tied to the underside of the skates. The result was quite good for still photos, but I thought I could make something a bit more impressive.

I created a new board to fit underneath the roller skate which incorporated five ultra-bright LEDs and an Arduino Pro Mini. The board has a small slide-switch for power, and a push-button to switch between different programmed patterns. If you hold the button down while turning the power on, it runs a "demo mode" which cycles through the patterns.

I only actually made the one prototype, because I then bought some RGB neopixels to try and make a full-colour version, but I've not yet started that project!

Disco Skate Mark 1 Fashion Photo Disco Skate Mark 2