Music Stuff!

I've been a drummer/percussionist since the age of 9, playing with a large number of ensembles all over the UK and Europe. I've also written music for short films and promo videos.


Here are some tracks from my SoundCloud page


Here's a song from a band I played drums in, called Doktor Mandrake. The song is Death After Greatness and was recorded 'live' in one take.

Here's some friends and I jamming. We had a few ideas for tunes in odd time-signatures so we just joined them all together (hence the awkward shift into 7/8 at 2'30"!).

Here's the Yorkshire Wind Orchestra in concert playing Paris Sketches - iv. Les Halles, by Martin Ellerby. I'm playing snare-drum.

My school wind orchestra used to be one of the best in the country. Here's a recording of them playing a piece called Mazama by Jay Chattaway. I'm playing the concert toms.

For a list of ensembles with whom I have played, click here.