Project - Key Holder

Key Holder

I always seem to get holes in my trouser pockets before any other part of them wears out. I thought this might be because of my keys damaging the fabric, so I decided to make a key-holder to keep the sharper parts of my keys protected.

I've seen a few different key holder projects on the internet, but I decided that the best idea was a kind of key multi-tool, a bit like a penknife.

I found a folding hex-key tool in my local cheap hardware shop, so I took it apart. I had to use thinner bolts, because some of my keys had holes which were too small for the original bolts, and I didn't want to damage my keys by drilling bigger holes.

I arranged the keys on both bolts so that they would fit together when folded up. I used multiple washers to separate them. I'll probably make proper spacers at some point.