Filetype Analyser

I ran CHKDSK on a corrupted drive and ended up with over 8000 files, all with generic names like FILE0001.DSK, FILE0002.DSK and so on. A little investigating established that they were all recovered files of different file formats, but there's no way I had the time to test every single file and rename it with the right file extension. So I created this program to do it for me.


Basically, select the files you want to analyse, and if their type is recognised, based on an analysis of the file contents, they will be given a new extension. If a file already exists with the new filename, a tilde (~) is added before the new filename.

How it works

As well as searching for identifiers ("magic numbers") within the file, which is the method used by most other programs of this type, this program uses several other methods to determine the filetype including: Performing an ASCII substring search, byte counting, checking for the presence of valid header data, etc..

For this reason, although the program doesn't detect as many different filetypes as some other programs, it does detect some types that other programs can't, and it detects some other filetypes with more accuracy. Also, for some filetypes it can retrieve the original filename, or create a new meaningful filename.

More information, including a list of filetypes, is available in the enclosed readme file.


Download it here. (26K)