Jackie Chan’s Face

Like a modern-day Buster Keaton, the actor Jackie Chan is celebrated around the world for his physical comedy skills. His strength, acrobatic martial-arts expertise, and reckless willingness to risk injury have made him the world’s biggest action movie star.

I’ve discovered, however, that he also has an amazing, hitherto uncelebrated, control over his face. Allow me to demonstrate…

I was looking at the DVD covers for various Jackie Chan movies, when I discovered something amazing. Here is Jackie’s face on the poster for the movie Shangai Noon:

Shanghai Noon

And here is his face on the poster for the movie Shanghai Knights:

Shanghai Knights

Notice anything? What if I flip the first photo and rotate it slightly:

Shanghai Noon/Knights

See? Despite these two films being made three years apart, Jackie has managed to pull exactly the same face in both photos! How amazing is that?!

I wondered if this was just some kind of massive coincidence, and he just happened to pull the same face completely by accident, so I had a look at some of his other movies – and lo and behold, here’s the poster for Around The World In 80 Days: (sorry for the quality)

Around The World In 80 Days

Exactly the same face again!

I’ve heard of celebrities having a preferred side of their face – the side which looks most photogenic. And I know that some celebrities often appear with the same facial expression, but screaming?

Does Jackie Chan really like screaming that much? I guess he must do.

Jackie Chan's face

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