Books and Guns

Ever since I was a small child, I’ve been interested in book-safes – those hollowed out books you see in films and on telly, where spies hide secret things like government intelligence, or sweeties. I’ve made a couple in the past which were a bit of a bodge job; they worked fine, but they just looked a bit scrappy.

Anyway, I recently saw some nice big books for sale cheap at a charity shop, so I bought them and took them into the Hackspace with a view to making book-safes properly. While pondering the best way to proceed, Bob suggested that we try laser cutting a gun-shaped hole in the book, which sounded hilarious.

Unfortunately, in order to get the book into the laser cutter, and cut it, we had to split the book into 3mm thick parts. Also, it seems a laser isn’t really the best thing for cutting paper.